Eltham Toy Library

Conditions of Membership

In applying for membership of the Eltham Toy Library I agree to comply with its rules and constitution, and to indemnify the Eltham Toy Library Inc and its members against all loss or liability, however so caused, arising from the borrowing by or through me of any toys, games or other items. I also accept liability for the loss or damage to such toys, games or other items whilst in my possession. I agree to the committee of the Eltham Toy Library Inc using the above information for the purposes of administration of the Toy Library including the release of my phone number for roster purposes.

We often forget how important protecting your head is when riding a bike or a scooter, even if it is in your own backyard or down to the local park.  When you borrow any of these items, please ensure your children are properly protected.

It is a requirement of Toy Library Australia’s insurers that every year all current members sign a form to acknowledge that they understand that helmets must be worn when riding borrowed bikes or scooters.



I acknowledge that it is my responsibility as an Eltham Toy Library borrower to ensure that a helmet is worn at all times when riding a bike or a scooter.